Airport Operations


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Lesson Plan Outline

Airport Operations

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Using Radio Frequencies

Talking on the Radio


Good Phraseology

Radio Technique

ATC Clearances and Instructions

ATC Light Gun Signals

Transmitter or Receiver Failure

Operating Without a Radio - NORDO

Traffic Pattern Overview

Traffic Pattern Composition

Desired Ground Track

Airfield Operations

Controlled Field

Uncontrolled Field

Runway Orientation

Confirm Headings With Pattern Legs

Establishing Final Approach

Before Landing Check

Maintaining Proper Spacing

Windshear Prevention

Go Around


Wake Turbulence Precautions

During Landing

During Takeoff

Runway Types


Non-Precision Instrument

Precision Instrument

Useful Information to Know

Runway Markings

Runway Designators

Runway Centerline Markings

Runway Aiming Point Markings

Runway Touchdown Zone Markers

Runway Side Stripe Markings

Runway Shoulder Markings

Runway Threshold Markings

Displaced Threshold

Relocated Threshold

Blast Pad/Stop Way Area

Taxiway Markings

General Taxiway Information

Taxiway Shoulder Markings

Taxiway Edge Markings

Surface Painted Taxiway Direction Signs

Surface Painted Location Signs

Geographic Position Markings

Holding Position Markings

General Information

Runway Hold Markings On Taxiways

Runway Hold Markings

Taxiways Located In Runway Approach Area

Other Markings

Vehicle Roadway Markings

VOR Receiver Checkpoint Markings

Non-Movement Area Boundary Markings

Permanently Closed Runways

Temporarily Closed Runways and Taxiways

Airport Signs

Mandatory Instruction Signs

Location Signs

Direction Signs

Destination Signs

Information Signs

Runway Distance Remaining

Approach Lighting System - ALS

Visual Approach Slope Indicator - VASI


Two-Bar VASI

Three-Bar VASI

Tri-Color VASI System

Glide Path Indicators

Useful Range

Pulsating Vasi System

Glide Path Indicators

Useful Range

Precision Approach Path Indicator - PAPI


Runway End Identifier Lights - REIL

Design Uses

Runway Edge Lighting Systems - HIRL, MIRL, LIRL


In-Runway Lighting

Runway Centerline Lighting System - RCLS

Touchdown Zone Lights - TDZL

Taxiway Centerline Lead-Off Lights

Taxiway Centerline Lead-On Lights

Land and Hold Short Lights

Approach Lighting System Control

Controlled Field Operation

Uncontrolled Field Operation

Taxiway Lights

Taxiway Edge Lights

Taxiway Centerline Lights

Clearance Bar Lights

Runway Guard Lights

Stop Bar Lights

Airport Beacons

Vertical Light Distribution

Light Projection


Beacon Colors And Combinations

Daytime Beacon Operation

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