C-172RG Performance and Limitations


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Lesson Plan Outline

C-172RG Performance and Limitations

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Determining Weight and Balance

Compute Weight and Balance

Weight Change and/or C.G.-Shift

Atmosphere Composition

Gases in the Atmosphere

Air as a Fluid

Atmospheric Pressure

Weight of the Atmosphere

Thickness is Limited

Standard Day Conditions

Standard Temperature Lapse Rate

Standard Pressure Lapse Rate

Elements Impacting Air Density

Barometric Pressure


Altitude Changes


Relative Humidity - (RH)

Water Vapor

Reduction in Density

Important Types of Altitude

Indicated Altitude

True Altitude

Absolute Altitude

Pressure Altitude

Density Altitude

Engine Leaning

Performance Chart Usage


Learn How Linear Interpolation Works

Computing Pressure Altitude

Computing Density Altitude

Computing Maneuvering Speed - VA

Types of Hydroplaning

Dynamic Hydroplaning

Reverted Rubber Hydroplaning

Viscous Hydroplaning

Types of Airspeed

Indicated Airspeed - IAS

Calibrated Airspeed - CAS

True Airspeed - TAS

Equivalent Airspeed - EAS

Ground Speed - GS

Performance Chart Samples

Determining if Required Performance is Attainable

Exceeding Aircraft Limitations

Inadequate Runway Length

Obstacle Clearance

Inadequate Fuel Quantity

Using The Wrong Fuel Type

Exceeding Limit Load Factors

Exceeding The Practical Slip Limit

Airspeed Limitations

Never Exceed Airspeed - VNE

Maximum Structural Cruising Speed - VNO

Maneuvering Speed - VA

Maximum Flap Extended Speed - VFE

Maximum Landing Gear Operation Speed - VLO

Maximum Landing Gear Extended Speed - VLE

Airspeed Indicator Markings

White Arc

Green Arc

Yellow Arc

Red Line

Other Important Airspeeds

Best Angle-of-Climb - VX

Best Rate-of-Climb - VY

Powerplant Markings

Cessna 172-RG Operational Limitations - AFM Section 2

Aircraft Weight Limits

C.G. Range Limits

Maneuvering and Operational Limitations

Flight Load Factor Limitations

Fuel Limitations

Takeoff Flap Limitations


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