FAA Regulations


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Lesson Plan Outline

FAA Regulations

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Introduction To Faa Regulations

Subchapter A

Subchapter B

Subchapter C - Aircraft

Subchapter D - Airman

Subchapter E - Airspace

Subchapter F - Air Traffic & General Operating Rules

Subchapter G - Air Carrier Ops for Compensation or Hire, Certification and Ops

Subchapter H - Schools and Other Certificated Agencies

TSA Certification For Flight Schools - 49 CFR TSA 1552

Subpart A - Flight Training for Aliens & Other Designated Individuals

Subpart B - Flight School Security Awareness Training

Preventative Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration

§43.2 - What Defines and Overhaul and Rebuild

§43.3 - Define Who Can Perform Maintenance

§43.5 - Return to Service

§43.7 - Persons Authorized to Return an Aircraft to Service

§43.9 - What Goes Into Maintenance Records

Appendix A

Appendix D

Appendix E

Appendix F

Certification: Pilots, Flight Instructors and Ground Instructors

Subpart Overview

Subpart A - General

Subpart B - Aircraft Ratings and Pilot Authorizations

Subpart C - Student Pilots

Subpart D - Recreational Pilots

Subpart E - Private Pilots

Subpart F - Commercial Pilots

Subpart G - Airline Transport Pilots

Subpart H - Flight Instructors

Subpart I - Ground Instructors

Subpart J - Sport Pilots

Medical Standards and Certification

Subpart Overview

Subpart A - General

Subpart B — First-Class Airman Medical Certificate

Subpart C — Second-Class Airman Medical Certificate

Subpart D — Third-Class Airman Medical Certificate

Subpart E — Certification Procedures

General Operating And Flight Rules

Subpart Overview

Subpart A - General

§91.3 - Responsibility and Authority of the PIC

§91.5 - Pilot In Command of Aircraft Requiring More Than One Required Pilot

§91.7 - Civil Aircraft Airworthiness

§91.9 - Marking and Placarding Requirements

§91.13 - Careless or Reckless Operation

§91.15 - Dropping Objects

§91.17 - Alcohol

§91.19 - Carriage of Illegal Substances

§91.21 - Portable Electronic Devices - IFR Operations

§91.25 - Aviation Safety Reporting Program (NASA Reporting)

Subpart B - Flight Rules

§91.103 - Pre-Flight Action

§91.105 - Stations and Seatbelts

§91.107 - Seat Belts

§91.109 - Simulated Instrument Flight

§91.111 - Formation Flight

§91.113 - Right of Way

§91.117 - Aircraft Speed Limits

§91.119 - Minimum Safe Altitude

§91.121 - Altimeter Settings

§91.123 - Compliance with ATC Instructions

§91.125 - Light Gun Signals

§91.126 - Class G Operations

§91.127 - Class E Operations

§91.129 - Class D Operations

§91.130 - Class C Operations

§91.131 - Class B Airspace

§91.133 - Restricted and Prohibited Areas

§91.135 - Class A Operations

§91.137 Through §91.145 - NOTAMS & TFRs

Visual Flight Rules

§91.151 - Fuel Requirements

§91.153 - VFR Flight Plan Records

§91.155 - Basic VFR Weather Minimums

§91.157 - Special VFR

§91.159 - VFR Cruising Altitudes

§91.161 - Special Awareness Training (Flt Ops Within 60NM of Washington DCA VOR

SUBPART C - Equipment, Instrument, And Certificate Requirements

§91.203 - Required Certificates

§91.205 - Minimum Equipment

§91.207 - Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

§91.209 - Aircraft Lights

§91.211 - Supplemental Oxygen

§91.213 - Inoperative Equipment and Instruments

§91.215 - Transponders

§91.225 - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out Requirements

SUBPART D – Special Flight Operations

§91.303 - Aerobatic Flight

§91.309 - Glider Towing

§91.319 - Experimental Aircraft

§91.325 - Primary Category Aircraft

SUBPART E – Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Alterations

§91.403 - General

§91.405 - Required Maintenance

§91.407 - Operations After Maintenance

§91.409 Through §91.413 - Required Inspections

FAR §91.421 - Rebuilt Engine

Title 49 CFR §830 NTSB Overview

Subpart Overview

§830.2 - Definitions


Fatal Injury



Serious Injury

Substantial Injury

§830.5 - Immediate Notification Requirements

§830.6 – Information To Be Given In Report

§830.10 – Preservation of Crash Site

§830.15 - Reporting Requirements

Chart Supplement

Aeronautical Information Manual - (AIM)

AIM Table of Contents

FAA Advisory Circular - (AC)

Notices to Airman - (NOTAM)

NOTAM (D) - Distant

NOTAM (FDC) - Flight Data Center

Pointer NOTAMs

Special Activity Airspace - (SAA) NOTAMS

Military NOTAMs

Decoding NOTAMS

Notices To Airman Publication - (NTAP)

First Section

Second Section

Practical Test Standards - (PTS)

Airman Certification Standards - (ACS)

Pilots Operating Handbook- (POH)

Standard POH Section Outline

Diagram included in text

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