High Altitude Operations


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Lesson Plan Outline

High Altitude Operations

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High Altitude Regulatory Requirements

High Altitude Endorsement - FAR §61.31(g)

Supplemental Oxygen Requirements - FAR §91.211

Operating Restrictions

Above FL 250

Above FL 350

An Exception:

Cannula Usage 

High Altitude Hazards


Symptoms of Hypoxia


Time of Useful Consciousness

Prolonged Oxygen Use


Trapped Gas

Evolved Gas


Basic Cabin Pressurization Overview

Differential Pressure

Types of Pressurization Systems




Pressurization Instruments

Pressurization System Operation

Cabin Pressure Regulator

Types of Oxygen Systems

Continuous Flow

Diluter Demand

Pressure Demand

Aviators Breathing Oxygen

Oxygen Safety Technique

High-Pressure Oxygen Bottles

Avoid Fire


System Failure Awareness

Depressurization Events




When To Expect When It Happens

Consider Hypoxia and Time of Useful Consciousness

Descend Immediately

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