National Airspace System


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Lesson Plan Outline

National Airspace System

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Basic VFR Weather Minimums

Basic Entry Requirements

Class A Explained


More Detailed Information

Speed Limit

Class B Explained

Requirements to Enter

Dimensions and Depiction

Requirements to Enter

Basic Weather Minimums

Speed Restrictions

VFR Corridor

Services Provided to Other VFR Aircraft

Aircraft Without a Transponder

Mode-C Failure

Examples of Class B Airspace

Class C Explained

Requirements to Enter

Dimensions and Depiction

Procedural Outer Area - Not Charted

Airspeed Limitations

Weather Minimums

Satellite or Secondary Airports

VFR Services Provided

Examples of Class C Airspace

Class D Explained

Requirements to Enter

Dimensions and Depiction

Terminal Radar Service Area - (TRSA)

Airspeed Restrictions

Services Provided to VFR Aircraft

Weather Minimums

Examples of Class D Airspace

Class E Explained

Dimensions and Depiction

Class E Vertical Limits

Requirements to Enter

Airspeed Restrictions

Weather Minimums

ATC Services Provided

The Blue Zipper Line

Types of Class E Airspace

SFC Area Designated for an Airport

Extension to Surface Area

Airspace Used for Transition

En-Route Domestic Areas

Federal Airways - I.E. (V229)

Offshore Airspace Areas

Class G Explained

Dimensions and Depiction

Minimum Requirements to Enter

ATC Services Provided

Airspeed Restrictions

Weather Minimums 

Ground Visibility Versus Flight Visibility

Prohibited Area

Restricted Area



Warning Area

National Security Area

Military Operations Area

Alert Area

Controlled Firing Area

Graphical Depiction of SUA

Temporary Flight Restriction

Parachute Jump or Glider Operations

Military Training Routes

Published VFR Routes

VFR Flyway

VFR Corridor

Class B Airspace - Transition Routes

Special Air Traffic Rules - SATR

Airport Advisory Area

Flight Information Region - (FIR)

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