Navigation and Flight Planning


This Navigation and Flight Planning CFI Lesson Plan has come from Chapter Nine of The Complete CFI Binder. It can be purchased a la carte. This chapter is a total of 30 pages and contains a complete lesson for teaching your students and FAA Examiner.

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Lesson Plan Outline

Navigation and Flight Planning

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Basic Navigation Overview

Magnetic Variation

Magnetic Deviation

Lines of Longitude

Lines of Latitude

Isogonic Lines

Agonic Lines

True Course (TC)

Compass Heading (CH)

True Heading (TH)

Magnetic North (MN)

True North (TN)




Drift Angle

Wind Correction Angle (WCA)


Ground Speed (GS)

Time Zone Basics

Basic Calculations

VFR Sectional Chart


Details Provided

Revision Cycle

VFR Terminal Area Chart -- (TAC)


Details Provided

Revision Cycle

VFR Flyway Chart -- (FLY)



Revision Cycle

World Aeronautical Chart -- (WAC)



Revision Cycle

Basic Cross-Country Planning Steps

Mark the Course on the Sectional

Select Easy to Identify Checkpoints

Know Your VFR Chart Symbology

Evaluate The Airspace

Select a Correct VFR Cruising Altitude (FAR §91.159)

Obstacle Clearance

Get a Legal Weather Brief

Consider Winds Aloft

Interpreting Ground References

Determine Ground Speed

Comply With Pre-Flight Action -- (FAR §91.103)

Computing the Flight Plan

Plot the Course

Calculate Airspeed -- (CAS) + (TAS)

Get Aircraft POH and E6B Flight Computer

Determine Course Heading -- (CH)

Determine Ground Speed, Time, and Fuel Burn

File the Flight Plan

ICAO Form FAA 7233-4 Overview


Checkpoint Selection

Boundary Point Selection

Dead Reckoning

Basic Calculations

General Overview

VHF Omni-Directional Range - (VOR)

VOR General

Types of VOR Stations

Reverse Sensing

Basic Flying Technique

Distance Measuring Equipment - (DME)

VOR Radial Intercept Tips

Choosing an Intercept Angle

Non-Directional Radio Beacon -- (NDB)

Automatic Direction Finder -- (ADF)

Homing vs. Tracking

Reasons to Execute a Diversion

What to Consider

Fastest Way to Determine New Heading

After Established on a New Heading

The 5 C’s of Being Lost






Emergency Situation

Importance of Filing

Filing and Activating

After Filing

Search and Rescue Operations

30 Min to +1 Hour After Being Overdue

ETA +2 Hours After Being Overdue

ETA +3 Hours After Being Overdue

Be On The Safe Side - Always Do the Following

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