Pre-Flight Procedures


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Lesson Plan Outline

Pre-Flight Procedures

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The PAVE Checklist Overview

Proving Legal, Safe, and Current

The Four Pillars

The Pilot

IMSAFE Checklist

Review Certificates and Documents

Aeromedical Factors

The Aircraft

Certificates and Documents

Airworthiness Requirements

Performance and Limitations

Operation of Systems

The Environment

Weather Information

Cross Country Flight Planning

National Airspace System

The External Pressures

Importance of a Thorough Inspection

Checklist Usage

How to Inspect

Inspection Stations

Aircraft Interior

Aircraft Exterior

Identifying Abnormalities During Inspection

General Aircraft Structure

Flight Controls

Fuel System

Fuel Type and Grade

Fuel Contamination

Oil System

Ice and Frost

Aircraft Loading


Discrepancies in the Aircraft Forms

Final Authority as Pilot-In-Command

Good Housekeeping

Storing Equipment

Securing Equipment

Adjustment of Cockpit Items

Pilot Seats

Seat Belts and Shoulder Harnesses

Passenger Briefing

Operation of Safety Belts

Emergency Procedures

Departure Plan

Single Pilot Resource Management - PRM

Internal Resources

External Resources

Safety Precautions

Aircraft Positioning

Before Start

Atmospheric Considerations

Effects of Cold Weather

Effects of Hot Weather


Positioning of Engine Controls

Preventing Aircraft Movement

Ground Service Plug Receptacle

Hand Propping an Aircraft

Safety Considerations

Engine Start - Setup

Procedures and Commands

Airport Taxiways

Taxiway Markings

Edge Markings

Hold Short Lines

Steering the Aircraft

Basic Method

Mechanical Linkage

Differential Braking

Permission to Taxi

Ground Control

Runway Crossing

Taxi Read-Back Instructions

Runway Read-Back Instructions

Checking the Brakes

Instrument Taxi Check

Attitude Indicator

Turn and Slip Indicator

Magnetic Compass

Directional Gyro

Taxiing with Wind Correction


Quartering Headwind

Quartering Tailwind

Avoiding Hazards

Right of Way Rules - §91.113

Aircraft in Distress

Aircraft Converging

Aircraft Approaching Head-On

Overtaking an Aircraft

Landing Aircraft

Avoiding Runway Incursions

Light Gun Signals

Checking Engine Instruments

Engine Run-Up and Taxi

Division of Attention

Checklist Usage

Making the Go/No-Go Decision

Departure Briefing

Emergency Procedures Briefing

Engine Failure on Takeoff Roll

Engine Failure After Rotation with Usable Runway 

Engine Failure After Rotation without Usable Runway

Clear Runway of any Hazards

Incursion Avoidance

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