Principles of Flight


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Lesson Plan Outline

Principles of Flight

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The Lift Equation

The Four Forces of Flight





How an Airplane Turns

Bank vs Rate of Turn

The Slip

The Skid

Rate of Turn

Radius of Turn

Non-Compressible Aerodynamics - Low Speed

Subsonic to Mach 0.30

Compressible Aerodynamics - High Speed

Transonic Mach 0.80 to 1.20

Supersonic Mach 1.0 Plus


Ground Effect Explained

Wingtip Vortices

Description of an Airfoil

Airfoil Planform

Aspect Ratio

High Aspect Ratio

Low Aspect Ratio

Taper Ratio

Elliptical Wing

Rectangular Wing

Swept Wing

Critical Mach Number

Shock Wave

Spanwise Flow

Pressure Differential

Negative Pressure (Low)

Positive Pressure (High)

Center of Pressure

High Angle of Attack

Low Angle of Attack

General Definitions

Wing Camber

Leading Edge

Trailing Edge

Relative Wind

Chord Line

Mean Aerodynamic Chord

Static Point

Center of Pressure (CP)

Angle of Attack (AOA)

Angle of Incidence

Aerodynamic Stall Defined

Stall Development

Stall Occurrence

Visual Evidence

What is Different from a Low Altitude Stall

Thinner Air

Lower Indicated Airspeed

Higher True Airspeed

The Total Drag Curve

Maximum Altitude

Maximum Certified Altitude (Structural)

Thrust Limited Altitude (Thrust)

Buffet or Maneuver Limited Altitude (aerodynamic)

Mach Number Defined

Critical Mach Number

Speed of Sound Decreases with Cold Air

Coffin Corner

Mach Tuck

Resources for Further Study

What is a Spin

Cross-Controlled Stall

Spin Recovery Procedure

Effects of Load factor

Maneuvering Speed - (VA)

Axis of the Aircraft

Lateral Axis - (Pitch)

Longitudinal Axis - (Roll)

Vertical Axis - (Yaw)

Center of Gravity

Aircraft Stability

Design Compromise

Longitudinal Stability

Stability About the Lateral Axis (Pitch)

Maintaining Aircraft Balance

Lateral Stability

Stability About the Longitudinal Axis (Roll)

Directional Stability

Stability About the Vertical Axis (Yaw)

Torque Effect

Involves Newton’s Third Law

Spiraling Slipstream

Gyroscopic Precession


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