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Lesson Plan Outline

Weather Information

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This sheet contains quick reference data for all weather information products available to the pilot during pre-flight action. It contains quick references for how often weather products are updated and more.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA

National Weather Service - NWS

Aviation Weather Center - AWC

Storm Prediction Center - SPC

Aviation Digital Data Service - ADDS


Surface Fronts and Boundaries

Flight Weather Category Definitions

Cloud Coverage Symbols

Precipitation Areas and Symbols

Low-Level SIGWX Prog Chart Symbols

AIRMET and SIGMET Symbology

Wind Direction and Interpretation

Common Weather Symbols

Supplemental Condition Symbols

Decoding Station Model Data

Present Weather - METAR Text to Symbol Matching

Pre-Flight Action - §91.103

Obtaining a Pre-Flight Weather Brief

Over the Telephone

Over the Internet

With ForeFlight

Types of Weather Briefings 

Standard Weather Brief

Abbreviated Weather Brief

Outlook Weather Brief

Aviation Routine Weather Report - METAR

The Report Includes

Aviation Selected Special Weather Report - SPECI

Pilot Weather Reports - PIREP

Urgent - UUA

Routine - UA

Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment - TALPA

Runway Condition Assessment Matrix - RCAM

Terminal Aerodrome Forecast - TAF

Type of Report

Report Data

Report Abbreviations

Probability Forecast

Aviation Area Forecast - FA

18-Hour Validity


Disseminated Into 4 Sections

Graphical Forecast Area - GFA

In-Flight Weather Advisories

Airman’s Meteorological Information - AIRMET

Significant Meteorological Information - SIGMET (WS)

Convective SIGMET (WST)

Wind and Temperatures Aloft Forecast - (FB)

Wind-Speed Conversion

Freezing Level Chart

Convective Outlook Chart - (AC)

Surface Analysis Chart

Observation Type

Sky Cover


Sea Level Pressure

Pressure Change/Tendency


Dew Point

Present Weather



Weather Depiction Chart

Depicted Information

Radar Summary Chart - (SD)

Line of Storms (LN)

Area of Storms

Single Cell

Significant Weather Prognostic Chart



Low-Level Chart Versions

Upper Chart Panel Versions Display

Lower Chart Panel Versions Display

Extended Forecast - 30, 36, and 48-hour Sig Wx Chart

Constant Pressure Chart

Satellite Imagery

Automatic Terminal Information System - ATIS

Essential Broadcast Contents

Automated Weather Observation System - AWOS

Automated Surface Observation System - ASOS

ASOS Report Contents

Transcribed Weather Broadcast - TWEB - (Alaska ONLY)

Broadcast Contents

Hazardous In-Flight Weather Advisory Service - HIWAS

Center Weather Advisory - CWA

Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast - ADS-B

Doppler Radar - WSR-88D

Clear Air Mode

Precipitation Mode

Types of NEXRAD Radar

Terminal Doppler Weather Radar - TDWR

Airport Surveillance Radar - FAA Radar

Airborne Radar


Level II Data Products

Level III Data Products

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